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LED Lego® Light and Hubble LED Mini-Flood were built using this kit.

Design and build your own indoor/outdoor LED lighting creations using the ClearLight® high-quality professional grade, cool operation LED Array contained in this introductory educational kit. The precision LED Array contained in this DIY kit and production of other ClearLight® commercial products are proudly made in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

No heat sinks or cooling fans are required. It can be on all day long and you will always be able to put your hands on it. This array won't harm you, won't harm plants, is easy on the environment and will save money for just about every application you can come up with - even when ganged together for spot or flood lights!

Our arrays can be used singularly or in groups when wired in parallel. Power supplies should be chosen in accordance with specifications listed below. ClearLight Technology® recommendations are included in each DIY Kit manual.

·For One Array: Power specs: 24 VDC Regulated, < 0.5 Amps, < 11 Watts
·Installation specs: Array Dims 9”x 3.5”x 0.5”, Min. Clearance under Array: 0.50”
·Min. Clearance Above LEDs: 0.25”, Min. Clearance Along Sides: 0.10”
·Non-Conductive Supports Recommended, Lead Length provided (Black & Red) 12”
·Our 7X18-K1 DIY LED Array kit is available at $79.95 USD (Quantity pricing available!)

A few creative examples of what your ClearLight®
Do-it-Yourself LED Lighting Array Kit can do

Let the kids become LED lighting engineers using popular Lego® Blocks

A Desk Lamp created in Lego® Blocks demonstrates the cool operation of the Kit’s ClearLight® LED Array

    Renovate old floodlights and spotlights into low-voltage DC LED fixtures
Older Halogen 1000 watt finned floodlight now efficiently operates in the cool using this ClearLight® 10 Watt Array

    Add accent LED lighting to darkened corners of your model railroad layout
Pure focused sunlight provided by ClearLight® LED arrays make even the smallest details of an N gauge layout jump

· Build a simple under-cabinet light module to brighten kitchen counter top..        
· Build a cool safe operating, high focus modelers light for over your workbench..    

· The build list goes on and on when using the 10 watt ClearLight® LED Array!          

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