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ClearLight Technology® is proud to introduce our
7X18-K1 DIY LED Array Light Kit!

     The 7X18-K1 DIY LED Array Kit contains all of the basic components needed to allow almost anyone to build their own LED light fixture. The Kit is designed to educate, entertain, spur creativity and produce an actual 11 watt LED light fixture.

The Kit consists of:
• One standard ClearLight 7X18-20x LED array, Made in the USA
• One industry standard IP30, 24 VDC LED driver with 100 – 264 VAC input range
• Four lever action wire connectors (much easier to use than wire nuts)
• Four Nylon snap lock, adhesive mount PCB supports
• One user manual loaded with specifications, recommendations, construction tips and additional kit options to expand your build...

Everything the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast needs to experiment with or build outright an efficient, effective, cool operating and safe LED light!

A common Hubble® exterior housing retrofitted using a 7X18-K1 DIY Kit. A piece of aluminum plate bridges existing mounting holes and supports the Array and Driver. It can be used to light a doorway, walkway, driveway or flagpole.

Yes, it's built from Lego® blocks! Because our LED Array doesn’t have a heat issue, it doesn’t have a problem with plastic. What a great project to do with your kids!
This DIY Kit is being offered as our backer pledge reward for our current KickStarter Project!

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