ClearLight Technology®
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ClearLight Technology®
is proud to introduce our first LED light fixture
based on our NEW 7X18-20x LED Array.

     This is the alpha prototype of ClearLight's LED Troffer Retrofit Module, Model CLTRFR-1X3-CW, for grid ceiling 2' x 4' recessed 3 & 4 tube fluorescent light fixtures (troffers).

     We've measured 3 tube fluorescent fixtures at 65 Watts. We've measured 4 tube fixtures from 100 to 190 Watts, depending on how old they are. We didn't bother with the reduced energy tubes because you can't see to do anything constructive under them anyway. Our LED Retrofit Module uses only 33 Watts!
     It contains three 7X18 Arrays in a lightweight, aluminum housing. The Arrays are secured using nylon, snap lock PCB supports. Wiring is accomplished using lever action wire connectors.
     The LED Driver (AC to DC power supply) is contained in its own aluminum housing. This isolates the Driver from the Array assembly.
     Being a retrofit, the Module is secured in a existing troffer housing by magnets. Six floating magnet assemblies having a combined holding power eight times the weight of the assembly. They float to easily avoid any of the many raised features that can be found in these old housings. A mating, orange luminaire connector further simplifies installation.

     Our “keep it simple” engineering strategy has produced a mechanical design that is easy and inexpensive to produce. The electrical components have been chosen for their quality, ease of use and global safety certifications.
     The early prototypes proved we were on the right track. The arrays are mounted on acrylic sheet platforms and held in place with magnets.

     We have 33 Watts easily replacing 4 T-8 fluorescent light tubes running at between 90 and 110 watts. We've used prototype assemblies to retrofit several troffer fixtures in our office space. For example, in one 14 x 10 foot room, setup with two work areas, we retrofitted the 2 existing fixtures with prototype assemblies.

     Energy consumption was reduced from about 200 watts down to 66 watts. The room is bright, inviting, and comfortable to work in.
     Now multiply that for a facility having hundreds, even a thousand or more, of these antique fluorescent fixtures. Our LED Retrofit Module will provide cost savings in both energy usage and maintenance. Plus we eliminate disposal headaches! 
     Our ClearLight Module's low power profile is a real advantage for promoters and users of renewable energy generation.
     Grid feed or localized renewable generation will benefit from bright, reliable light fixtures that use from 60 to 90% less energy than current products. Our LED lights will even help extend the operation time for current renewable power storage systems by providing superior, trouble free light with minimum power draw, a real plus for anyone who wants to go grid free.
     Compared to prior art LED fixtures, we produce minimal heat. The weight and waste of heat sinks and cooling fans goes away. And if these other units fail there are no owner serviceable parts.
     The snap lock supports and lever action connectors allow just about anyone to repair their ClearLight products. In 8, 10, 15 years, an owner can replace any dim or failed arrays with a pair of needle nose pliers. Return the old array for a core charge credit. It will be stripped, cleaned and repopulated creating a refurbished array we can sell for less.
ClearLight Technology has just started a KickStarter® Project for the funds we need to complete the engineering, certification processes, and creation of sales literature. Click here to see our D-I-Y LED Array Kit offered to our KickStarter® backers!

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