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     ClearLight Technology is our trademark, registered by our R&D engineering group located in Salem, New Hampshire. This trademark was created to represent the product name for our new line of energy efficient, cool operating, easily installed and serviceable LED lighting products made in the USA.

     Our engineering design activities began when we decided we'd had enough of antiquated, inefficient fluorescent lighting and all of the horrible problems these fixtures entail:

1. Constant Hum
2. Glare
3. Flickering
4. Heat Generation
5. Repeated Maintenance
6. Poisonous Waste Generation

     It's sad the number of times broken fluorescent tubes can be seen in common dumpsters. Once broken, the poisons, especially mercury, are already released and free to leech into the ground water system.
     We decided to look at the LED retrofits and replacement products available. They were not good. What we found suffered from poor illumination, excessive heat and less than acceptable energy savings. They were also high priced, unreliable and none could be easily repaired by an owner.

     Being the types that couldn’t leave well enough alone, we decided to design our own LED light to see if we could address as many of these negatives as possible.
     First we tested LEDs, starting with the high power multiple junction components common to the current prior art LED fixtures. It became quickly apparent these would not work for the mission we had undertaken. The power requirements and illumination were often disappointing. Also, the necessity for heat sinking structures and possible cooling fans verified the reasons for the complaints leveled at the currently available products.

     It was time to go a different route: single junction LEDs. A difficult decision to say the least. Although these components use less energy they are inherently dimmer than their multiple junction cousins. We started by eliminating all of the colors, as we were focused on the white spectrum. Then we began selecting those with the highest rated light output specifications. Finally, we eliminated any that that the manufacturer would not recommend for commercial or architectural use. This produced a short list of three candidates. An accelerated breakdown test constructed using acrylic sheet, no heat issues, and using 1500 LEDs was created to separate the pretenders from the champs.
     In six months we had a winner. A bright, cool, tough little LED in a standard 5mm round package...


     Next we had to determine if this little wonder could be turned into a viable alternative for commercial lighting applications. We tried all kinds of center to center spacing and platform mounting configurations. Again, as we didn't have a heat issue, we used acrylic sheet for fabrication.

      During this phase of our R&D work it became apparent we had underestimated the potential of this LED. We began to look beyond fluorescent grid lighting and considered exterior lighting applications. Now, when you are talking parking lot and security lighting retrofits, the size of the aperture (lens opening) comes into play. If a platform could be designed that produced enough light and fit in the restricted aperture of a majority of these types of fixtures then we would have an array that would easily fit in a 2' x 4' or 2' x 2' recessed tube light housing.

   View of our interior LED lighting test                                    LED array test in plastic housing
        Examples of our exterior LED test fixtures

              Another of our exterior pole mounted LED test locations  

         The result is our ClearLight® Technology 7X18-20x Standard LED Array. A 9” x 3.5”, 24 VDC, 11 Watt, light producing dynamo that continues to amaze us every time we try it in another prototype application. It can be mounted in almost any enclosure, including those made of wood and plastic.
It can be on all day long and you will always be able to put your hands on it. NO heat sinks or cooling fans are required. This array won't harm you, won't harm plants, is easy on the environment and will save money for just about every application we've come up with so far! Even holds true when we gang them together for spot and flood lights.

Click here to review our first commercial product that is close to market-ready status: our ClearLight® model CLTRFR-1X3-CW LED Retrofit Module for 3 or 4 tube recessed (grid or troffer) fluorescent light fixtures!

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